The Kekkai Simulator

The Kekkai Simulator

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How to Play the Game

How to Use the Kekkai Simulator

  • Change the level depending on your desire.
  • After choosing the letter, click Go button to simulate the runes.
  • Click Clear if you want to repeat again your guess.
  • When the game is over, either click New Game or change the Level to continue playing the game.

The Kekkai Simulator is a basic simulator for Ninja Saga's Jounin Exam part 3. I'm not good in the aesthetics side, that's why it's just simple. I created this simulator for other players who are far from taking, and will take, the Jounin Exam. This will help them to practice their selves before taking up the said exam.

This simulator is still under construction in terms of aesthetics. I'm planning to add images in the future for the ease of the users. Though, there is no problem in the game itself, all other functions are complete, and you may enjoy playing it.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or violent reactions, feel free to post it in here.